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Girl Friday Series

Meet Stella James

She's out-of-work, dead broke and out of options until she snags a job as a "Girl Friday" (fancy name for an office gopher) for a private investigator. He's tall, dark and classically handsome, but his ego is bigger than his brain and it soon gets him a free vacation at the county jail when one of his female clients ends up murdered—in his bed.

Stella is faced with a choice—find the real killer or risk losing not only her new job, but her boss as well.

Book one of a brand new series that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Shot in the Dark
A Stella James Mystery
Girl Friday Cozy Mystery Series

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Accidental Detective
Book Two of the Girl Friday Cozy mystery series
A Stella James Mystery

I just came up with is title today! So I don't have any idea yet what the book is about,  when it will be ready or what the cover looks like, but as soon as I get some inspiration, you will find out more!

Dark Fortune
Book Six
Fortunes, Love and Fate, Multi-Author Series

A page-turning cozy mystery
by USA Today bestselling author
Denise Devine!

Stephanie Jones' relationship with her boyfriend is dead in the water. Literally...

Jock Tanner has stood up Stephanie for the last time. She's had it with their on-again, off-again relationship and plans to end it permanently. That is, if he'd just answer his darn phone! Convinced he's avoiding her, she heads to his cabin cruiser on the marina to confront him and finds him there, but he's not talking. He has a knife stuck in his chest.

A large cache of diamonds is missing from the vault in Jock's jewelry store and his partner believes it's in Stephanie's possession. So does everyone else in Jock's orbit. Before his death, that's what he'd confided to several close friends. The trouble is, she doesn't know anything about the diamonds or if they even exist, but no one believes her. She's determined to let it go and get on with her life until her house is ransacked and her garden is destroyed by someone searching for them. That person may also be Jock's murderer.

Teaming up with Jock's cousin, she uncovers Jock's deepest secrets until she's confronted with the greatest secret of all--his murderer.

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Just when Alana Morgan thinks she “has it all,” she catches her fast-talking fiancé cheating and her employer goes bankrupt.

Short on cash, Alana needs to find a job—fast—but her mom wants her to clean out her late Grandma Essie’s house. As she expects, the memories in that house overwhelm her. What she doesn’t expect is her attraction to Reid Sinclair, the handsome guy next door. The last thing she needs is another romance! Worse yet, her best friend has a crush on him. In her heart, she knows she should avoid him, but Reid desperately needs her help to solve a problem…

Who murdered Essie Anderson?

Though the local authorities have ruled her death an accident, the question haunts Reid Sinclair night and day. He’s convinced Essie died from foul play, but he doesn’t have much to go on. When Alana Morgan consents to team up with him—as friends only—they agree to keep their investigation secret until they have enough evidence to go to the police. Can he keep his feelings for Alana a secret as well?

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Unfinished Business
A Small Town Cozy Mystery